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About Chinese New Year

Jan 12, 2017

Chinese New Year is coming soon. The Chinese will be busy to well prepared for the New Year celebration. Some people may start to get it ready a month before the celebration. They are plan things that need to have for the celebration and distributing the tasks around the family members and they carry them out slowly.

As it’s known to all, the Chinese New Year is the most important festival among the Chinese, the family members will gather around the house to eat, chat and play. Noises are one thing that will not be avoided during the celebration. It’s a long celebration time not just a day or two. You can feel the mood when shops start to sell the new year goods, restaurant start to promoting their menu for the festival, the shopping mall start to have new year performance. This is a festive season love by everybody.

Then, the family will be preparing the food list to have in the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner. It is the time that all members gather to dine.

In this season, don’t forget to prepare the red packets, it has been a tradition in Chinese New Year to give out red packets. The amount of money insterted is not import but the meaning of the act is quite important. Usually the adults will give to the children in the festival as a mean of blessing.

It’s a good time to have fun and gather all family members in this season. It will be an exciting experience if you have a chance to feel it.