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Brief Talking About Latex

Jan 05, 2017

Natural Rubber Latex is made from is made from the latex that is collected from actual rubber trees, these kinds of trees are distribution in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. The life time of these trees get in 30 years, while the prime ages to extract rubber from these trees are in around 6 years old. Once the tree is tapped, it takes about four hours to collected the latex. The color of latex is milky white. If handle properly, it’s harmless to the trees.


Latex Products

NRL is a commonly used material for thousands of products, as it has the features of elasticity, protection as well as durability. There’re around 40,0000 products that use latex as material. Some of these products such as gloves, IV tubes and some toys. Some common products such as condoms, rubber bands, carpet backing, even the industrial used product tire sealant.