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Car Care Products An Essential Part Of Maintenance

Oct 10, 2017

Automobiles are a necessity for modern life, and car supplies have become an essential part of vehicle maintenance. As the Chinese government gradually attaches importance to the automotive supplies industry, actively promote the industrialization of automotive supplies,Car Care Products encourage automotive products industry technology innovation, and gradually complete the relevant regulations and standards for the development of enterprises to provide an orderly competitive environment. At the same time,Car Care Products automotive supplies enterprises in the continuous innovation, the introduction and training of professionals, seize the automotive supplies industry development opportunities.

General knowledge of Automobile nursing

1, can not use detergent, wash clean the car

Because of its alkaline content, long-term use can make paint lost luster,Car Care Products matte color, chapped, Rusty. Special Crystal Cleanser or car wash liquid should be used.

2, after the car stained with dirt to deal with the timely

Car use in the process by the sun radiation, acid rain erosion, a long time easy to combine a variety of corrosive dirt, such as cement, grease, mucus, asphalt, SAP,Car Care Products insects and other forms of stubborn stains, and then easy to make paint surface bleak, paint oxidation, shorten the life of car paint.

3, the interior of the car should be clean and maintenance

Part of the car is usually exposed to external oil dust, silt, smoking, passenger sweat and air conditioning cycle, such as the impact of adverse factors, resulting in the air inside the compartment, and then bacteria breeding, even produce unpleasant smell,Car Care Products so that velvet moldy, leather aging. Not only affect the owner's physical and mental health and not conducive to driving state of mind. Therefore, every three months should do a full set of indoor professional care, washing the car should often vacuuming.

4, cars, new cars should be carefully selected car wax

Ordinary oily, solid car wax because there is no adhesion, easy to stain (after the rain to stay watermark, etc.) and scratches the car paint, light not lasting and other shortcomings have been gradually eliminated. And expensive cars should be more cautious when choosing wax,Car Care Products the new car wax is water-based powder, after cleaning bright clean, hard to sticky dust, durability long. (such as Car road crystal wax, car road extreme wax, car road platinum Crystal Wax King)

5, the famous car fine polishing crystal wax steps

The concept of wax has been developed from the general pure polishing to today's protective glazing, has become a modern car beauty care must. Before waxing should pay attention to two aspects: one is to choose wax, the other is operation. Wax selection should be based on the needs of the car paint protection, as far as possible according to the different effects of car wax combined with the characteristics of car paint carefully selected, so that the effect will be more obvious. Waxing operation is generally carried out after the body wash,Car Care Products now the car wax more liquid wax, before use, shake the product evenly, with a little pour into the wet cloth or sponge on the surface of the car paint wipe, a little dry, and then use a soft clean cloth repeatedly dry can; some are solid wax, the operation of the same way, the more advanced wax when the more provinces, Saving。 Waxing should be done in a cool place. In addition, a car in the grinding and polishing, you must apply protective glazing wax, so that the car paint luster doubled. and has a long protective effect.

First of all to remove stains,Car Care Products this is very important, otherwise the wax is also not shiny; second, fine play crystal wax; machine polishing again: The car wax evenly eliminate yin and yang color, so that the car wax and paint surface produced keys combination, combined into a strong impermeable more slippery, stronger, more durable super protective layer; Finally, the special treatment of the car suede: no scratches, Bright and clean. Every month should be regularly polished waxing one to two times, it is best to use less or no oily solid wax, no towel wax, not in the sun or the body at high temperature waxing.