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Car Care Products Take The Disaster Avoidance, Take Light Avoidance

May 27, 2017

Car Care Products Interior cleaning as an important part of car beauty, the degree of cleanliness of the interior not only to reflect the personal accomplishment is more important and health is closely related. Use professional tools to minimize or avoid scratches with a professional cleaning and maintenance top product group, for your car interior flight attendants and parts for 5-16 hours of professional, thorough fine construction. Cleaning, maintenance, car leather and weaving, fine to the depth of each gap clean, the maximum degree of protection of the car environment comfortable, maintenance of driving and riding people's health.

Car Care Products Car appearance is beautiful or not may be a lot of people on the car's first request, of course, the appearance of the car is an important part of car maintenance, that is, car surface paint maintenance, the current market, there are four common paint curing products : Waxing, sealing glaze, coating, plating crystal.

Sterilization deodorization

Car Care Products Summer inflammation, the owners in the driving process will be closed window open air conditioning, the high temperature barrier in the car outside, get off, the anti-theft lock is to let the car inside a vacuum environment, in this ventilation is not favorable Circumstances, the car's air quality has become a problem, so most of the owners will choose to deodorant deodorant car, car beauty shop is also busy.

Speaking of sterilization deodorant, the most common on the market several antivirus methods for chemical antivirus, physical antivirus, ion antivirus, etc., but with the owners to improve the requirements, more advanced anti-virus methods are more and more.

One, to take a safe disaster: do not matter, do not do bad;

Anxious to be a lot of people prone to trouble. Unless you are on the product and the car interior and exterior are very proficient, impatient is the main cause of the accident. Car beauty accident is serious because the car itself is of high value. If the car is polished in the grinding, the car must be re-painted! So when faced with problems, we must not shamelessly asked.

Second, take light avoidance: can not use light on the heavy:

How can we do to take the disaster to avoid it? The most critical is the product selection, can be used when the soft products do not have strong, can not use micro-cutting in the cut, can be diluted with no concentration, Do not have high-speed, can not use a small force vigorously, as long as the work can be good, light forever the proportion of strong.

Third, take professional avoid retail:

    Car Care Products Since the proportion of light is strong, we should try from the light, but how to distinguish it? Professionals should not understand the product from the name of the product, but should understand the characteristics of the product. Tire cleaning agents and motive cleaning agents are two completely different products for ordinary consumers, but for professionals, they are used to oil. The engine cleaner is so greasy because it is usually dirty than the tires. Understand this, professionals can also use tire cleaning agents to clean the oil is not the engine. In turn, can we use the engine cleaning agent to clean the gas stove? Our products are three kinds of interior cleaning protective agent: velvet cleaning agent, chemical fiber cleaning agent and carpet cleaning agent. As a professional staff should immediately realize that the velvet cleaning agent is the most gentle, because the most velvet velvet: chemical fiber second: carpet cleaning agent is the strongest. Follow the principles of the first two professional care: take a safe and avoid disaster, take light avoidance, cleaning the interior,Car Care Products you can use the velvet cleaning agent to clean the entire interior, including chemical fiber carpet. If they are clean, there is no need to use a strong. You will find that the soft products can sweep the vast majority of the work, so the maximum amount. When the soft type does not work, find strong. This principle in the car wash, grinding, interiors process the same applies.

Four, take the fine avoid rough live:

    Professional beauty is fine work, second only to the production of works of art. The corner of the stain can destroy the overall image. Excellence is a professional beauty for the return of the magic weapon.