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Classification Of Adhesive Introduction

Nov 04, 2016

1.application method can be divided into thermosetting, hot-melt, curing at room temperature, pressure-sensitive type, and so on.

2. application objects are divided into a structural, non-configurational or special adhesive for. the structural adhesives: epoxy resin, polyurethane, organic silicon, polyimide and other thermosetting adhesives; poly-acrylate, methyl acrylate, methanol and other thermoplastic adhesives like phenolic-multi-component adhesive modified by epoxy.

3. curing forms can be divided into the solvent, emulsion type, response and hot-melt four.

4. synthetic chemists like classified according to the chemical composition of the material sticking an adhesive.

5. the main ingredients are organic, inorganic.

6. the classification by appearance, can be divided into liquid, Pasty and solid class III.

7. According to the classification of components: one-component, two-component, reactive.