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Emergency Tire Inflator Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

May 27, 2017

Most of the owners know the risk of puncture do not know the daily maintenance of the tire, do not know how to maintain the tires in a tire pressure to be safe, in fact, tire tires tire pressure is stressful, not too high nor too Low, and in different seasons to be treated differently,Emergency Tire Inflator whether it is car owners or car beauty shop, artificial is always difficult to pinch a scale to the tire inflatable, tire automatic inflatable / inflatable machine through the intelligent one-time completion of the tire inflatable / Deflate / test., Give your car tires better protection.

This brand inflator to adapt to the temperature between minus 20 degrees to 100 degrees between the available power 220V, subject to external pressure restrictions smaller, anytime, anywhere operation. More humane is the inflatable tube from the length of the restrictions, improve the ease of use.

The biggest feature of the inflatable model is intelligent inflatable, self-calibration when starting, without manual adjustment; and one-time completion of inflation,Emergency Tire Inflator deflation and detection of tire pressure, the intelligence to fundamentally avoid tire pressure measurement is not accurate lead to puncture accident happened. At the same time to meet the different models of tire pressure standards, the use of more popular.

Tire automatic inflator,Emergency Tire Inflator its intelligent, accurate, simple and fast product characteristics, adapted to the development trend of today's auto care equipment to extend the tire life, tire pressure under normal to reduce the tire and suspension system wear and tear, improve the ride Safety and comfort, to a certain extent, to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.