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Emergency Tire Inflator Regulate Operational Safety

Jul 03, 2017

About the principle of the Emergency Tire Inflator

Inflatable pump for any reason caused by pressure drop circuit pressure, booster pump will automatically start to add the leakage pressure to keep the circuit pressure constant. Operational safety: use of gas-driven, no arc and spark, completely used for flammable, explosive liquid or gas sites. Maintenance simple cost-effective: booster pump is a piston pump, the work of the booster pump quickly reciprocating work, with the output pressure increases, the pump slow down until the stop, when the pump pressure constant, the lowest energy consumption, The parts stop moving.

There are two types of micropumps for inflation: gas sampling pumps and miniature vacuum pumps. Although they are usually always indiscriminately referred to simply as miniature vacuum pumps, but from the technical point of view there are two differences, the selection should pay more attention.

The miniature vacuum pumps are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series of products, such as PM series, PM series, PM950.2, PM850.5, PM8001, PM7002, PM6503) Series, PH series, FM series, FAA series, PCF series, all of these series under the specifications are real miniature vacuum pumps, such as VM7002, VAA6005, PC3025 and so on.

For the micro-pump inflatable end resistance can be measured by the instrument, pusher it and the pump technical parameters "air intake to allow maximum resistance" Por value can know whether the selection is appropriate. Usually according to experience using a simple method to determine, such as the following cases are part of the larger load (that is, pump suction resistance), only in the miniature vacuum pump range selection: ① pump in the suction side to (Such as less than φ2 mm); ② in the pipeline on the throttle, solenoid valve, air switch, the filter is not a long way to stop the pipe, (Such as manifolds, precision workpieces, etc.); (4) Pumps are designed to be connected to the suction vessel, and the pump is connected to the sealed container, or the container is not sealed but the air intake is small. The suction end is connected to the filter vessel and the container mouth is placed for the filter to accelerate the liquid filtration.

If the micro-pump before the start of its exhaust port already exists in the vacuum or the exhaust port already exists pressure, pusher you have to consider the pump of another technical parameters: the maximum load start Pis value, the maximum starting load Pos value. A typical application case is to use a micro-pump to maintain the vacuum or positive pressure in the container. When the vacuum or positive pressure in the container is below the set value, the pump is energized to start and stop at the set value. VCO series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, PH series; can be achieved in their own maximum output pressure to start the product can be achieved under the ultimate vacuum, The products are: FM series, FAA series, PCF series. The performance of the manufacturer's technical requirements are higher.

Maintain the importance of normal tire pressure

(A) tires less dangerous: 1. Tire soft, tire and ground contact area is too large, running resistance is large, fuel consumption is also large; 2. Tire and the ground part of the deformation of large, long time easy to make Tire rubber and the inside of the curtain fabric fatigue, affecting the tire life; 3. ground surface increases, when the road has nails, glass ball, the tires may greatly increase; 4. Brake performance. The same time as the above-

(B) the high pressure of the tire pressure: 1. Vehicle bumps, ride comfort reduced; 2. Contact with the road area is small, the grip decreased; 3. In the summer or high speed prone to puncture risk. Tire inflatable pump (inflatable, measuring tire pressure one machine), for your worries.

Prepare the tire in the storage process in order to ensure the shape and use, in the choice of air pressure and the usual tires are not the same. The general low pressure tire is between 2.0 and 2.5, while the spare tire is between 2.5 and 3.0. Some owners will choose the car tire inflatable pump to adjust the tire and tire tire pressure, because the tire inflatable pump is a DIY tire maintenance tool, pusher very easy to use, the general spare tire pressure hit 2.7 is safe.

In addition, the spare tire should not replace the tire is used for a long time, because the tire is usually not often used, and the ground friction opportunities are relatively small, put on spare tire, due to the friction coefficient of four different tires, different ground pressure , Long-term use of the vehicle's braking system, steering system and suspension system have a certain impact.