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Emergency Tire Inflator Small Size, No Space

Aug 11, 2017

Emergency Tire Inflator are rounded elastomeric rubber products that are grounded on various vehicles or mechanically assembled. Usually installed in the metal rim, can support the body, the impact of external shock, to achieve contact with the road and to ensure the driving performance of vehicles. Tire is often used in complex and harsh conditions, it is driving a variety of deformation, load,Emergency Tire Inflator force and the role of high and low temperature, and tire inflation and these factors are closely related to tire inflation should pay attention to what?

① pay attention to the state of the tire pressure when inflated, at any time with the barometer check the air pressure, so as to avoid excessive inflation, resulting in tire blasting.

② After the vehicle stops running, it must wait for the tire to heat and then inflate,Emergency Tire Inflator in order to avoid the vehicle due to tire temperature rise when the impact of air pressure.

③ check the valve, valve and valve core if the tie is not smooth, there are convex concave phenomenon and other defects, are inconvenient inflatable and pressure.

④ inflatable should pay attention to clean, filled with air can not contain water and oil, to prevent deterioration of inner tube rubber deterioration.

⑤ inflatable should be avoided when the first charge more than the standard gas after the deflation, nor can not go out for a long time can not inflate and too much inflated, more than the standard will lead to too much cord extension, causing its strength to reduce the impact of Emergency Tire Inflator Of life.

⑥ before the gas should be wiped the dust on the valve, do not loose the valve core, inflatable after the application of soap soaked in water (or saliva) painted on the valve, check whether the leak (if the leak will produce small bubbles) And the valve cap fitted with tight, to prevent the sediment into the valve inside.

⑦ radial tire inflation, due to structural reasons, the amount of subsidence, grounding area are large, often mistaken for lack of inflation, and too much to inflate; or vice versa, because of its amount of subsidence and ground area has been larger,Emergency Tire Inflator In the case of insufficient pressure is also mistaken for sufficient. Application of standard barometer to be determined. The use of radial tire tire pressure should be higher than the general tire 0.5-1.5kg / square centimeter.

⑧ The barometer used in the barometer or tirework should be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accurate air pressure inspection.

Widely used in: cars, motor vehicles, bicycles, ball, rubber boats and so on.

2. In the highway or field car Emergency Tire Inflator leak, the machine can play its emergency function.

3. This product is equipped with night work lights and flash, a multi-purpose machine.

4. The machine is small, no space, placed in the car luggage, magical infinite

5. Can make the car tire at any time to maintain the standard tire pressure, save fuel, to ensure traffic safety, travel must share.