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Emergency Tire Inflator The Design Principle Is Quite Simple

Oct 10, 2017

As we all know, when the car tires are inflated with air pump, a few seconds to complete. The pump is also called inflatable machine, air blower, car inflatable pump,Emergency Tire Inflator through the internal motor operation to work. When pumping gas, the valve of the connector by the air pressure burst, gas into the pump, and the tire in the air pressure, the valve is closed, the gas into the tire, also used the principle of atmospheric pressure with the car, ball, kayaks inflatable.

In addition to the road that can be contacted with the tyre,Emergency Tire Inflator it is the rim and accessories, can you let the axle directly detect the pressure of the tyre and replenish the air? Of course! According to statistics in the truck driving on the road, as much as 55% of the truck tire pressure is not within the standard target range, this reduces the life of the tyres and increases the cost of using the tyres each year, and the purchase of tires is usually a big expense for the team, accounting for about 10% to 15% of the total expenditure. In addition,Emergency Tire Inflator blow-out tyres due to insufficient air pressure also pose a serious threat to the safety of drivers and other vehicles.

On this issue, the technology development team, previously from Goodyear, is also refining the technique, which has been named "Tire Pressure Control Technology",Emergency Tire Inflator which keeps the tyres in the best air condition without the use of additional air pumps.

Goodyear's developers say although the tire pressure self-control technology is more complex, but the whole system behind the design principle is quite simple, its basic principle is "when the hose is rolled out by the cylinder, the air inside the hose will flow with the cylinder rolling direction", Goodyear will be introduced into the tire hose design, In order to achieve the tire in the road rolling forward, that is,Emergency Tire Inflator the system can provide the power needed to operate. The specific performance is that the tire pressure automatic control technology can detect whether the tire pressure is lower than the normal level,Emergency Tire Inflator once the tire pressure is found too low, the built-in pressure controller will automatically open, so that the air into a pump pipe, when the wheel rotation, the bottom of the tire will be squeezed by the air from the pump pipe extrusion, through the intake valve filling the tires.