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Liquid Tire Sealant Anti-leakage, Waterproof, Anti-vibration

May 27, 2017

The Liquid Tire Sealant is a kind of flowing or extruded material to fill a closed joint that can rely on embedded drying, temperature changes, solvent volatilization, chemical crosslinking material stability and bonds, and progressively solid glue, viscoelastic behavior Or elastomeric sealing material.

Introduction of Liquid Tire Sealant

Liquid Tire Sealant (Liquid Tire Sealant / sealingglue) is a guide with the shape of the seal surface deformation, not easy to flow, there is a certain adhesive sealing material. Is used to fill the configuration gap, in order to play the role of sealing adhesive. With anti-leakage, waterproof, anti-vibration and noise, heat and so on.

Sealing the quality of a direct impact on the packaging effect, the storage of packaging and life, and even affect the credibility of packaging. To this end, sealing glue has become an important part of the packaging field.

According to the sealing material and the use of the way, can be divided into three types of gasket seal, tape seal and colloid seal, can achieve to prevent liquid leakage, blocking oxygen, moisture, smell into, anti-counterfeiting, fake and shoddy products.

Anti-counterfeiting seal, generally hot-melt adhesive point or pressure-sensitive adhesive tape seal, once the packaging will not be able to restore the original state, which can prevent the emergence of fake and shoddy products to protect consumer interests.

Liquid Tire Sealant Features

In order to ensure the sealing function, the Liquid Tire Sealant should have the following basic characteristics:

① good embedded, crowded construction, storage stability, non-toxic or low toxicity; liquid, gas

② and other media low permeability;

③ can resist the telescopic movement, displacement and deformation of the joints; in the deformation by the joints,

④ to ensure its performance and shape of a complete recovery;

⑤ have enough strength to withstand the pressure;

⑥, no stripping, joint base degumming adhesive stability;

⑦ not in the high temperature, low temperature does not brittle over softening;

⑧ weatherability, no powder, cracking, dissolution or excessive contraction, there is enough life;

⑨ specific occasions, such as when there is a specific performance of wear resistance, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to rolling, flammable, non-polluting, insulation or conductive.

Use of Liquid Tire Sealant

1, will want to repair parts clean, remove oil, dust;

2, set the width of the gap, paste the US profile paper tape, to ensure smooth and beautiful construction;

3, smooth squeeze glue gun to 45 degrees angle construction, the gap on the plastic seal;

4, along the surface of the sizing to flatten the colloidal surface of steel beads, remove the excess colloid;

5, carefully torn to the US profile paper, colloid in the initial curing 3 hours before the touch;

6, every other colloid that is completely cured.

Liquid Tire Sealant a lot of types, mainly liquid Liquid Tire Sealant and anaerobic Liquid Tire Sealant two categories.

1, liquid Liquid Tire Sealant

Liquid Liquid Tire Sealant at room temperature with a flow of viscous liquid. It is coated between the two bonding surfaces, under a certain tightening force to form a different nature of the film, and thus from the sealing effect.

Liquid glue has the following four types. The following are the same as the "

1) Adhesive type

This gel is liquid, coated on the bonding surface, the solvent evaporates after curing on the bonding surface. Can be heat, pressure and can seal a larger gap. But impatient vibration, stripping difficult. Flat, bolts can be sealed. Can also be used in combination with sealing gaskets. The following are the same as the "

2) Dry strippable

This glue was liquid, coated on the bonding surface, the solvent evaporated into a film, film can be stripped. The characteristics of the glue is quick-drying, heat-resistant, pressure is better, the seal gap should not be too long. Suitable for sealing between two planes. Not as a thread seal. Can be used in combination with sealing gaskets. The following are the same as the "

3) No sticky sticky type

This glue is divided into two kinds of solvent and solvent-free, coated long-term quit, with or without solvent was liquid, parts removable, easy to wash gel. There is a certain heat resistance and pressure resistance. Large gap can also be reluctant to use. Both the plane and the thread can be effectively sealed. Can be used in combination with sealing gaskets. Resistant to vibration. The following are the same as the "

4) semi-dry viscoelastic type

Solvent volatilization, the adhesive layer into a soft film, both sticky and flexible, can be stripped. Heat resistance, vibration resistance, pressure resistance are poor, excellent performance of the bonding surface, sealing thread can also be used in combination with the sealing gasket. 2, anaerobic Liquid Tire Sealant

Anaerobic Liquid Tire Sealants, also known as anaerobic adhesives, must be cured in the presence of air, so that the two parts are glued together to form a seal. Curing time and accelerator. Anaerobic glue is suitable for pressure sealing of pipe joints and threads. Can be used for thread locking and the bonding of different materials. The following are the same as the "

Anaerobic adhesive allows the seal to be larger than the liquid Liquid Tire Sealant, up to 0.3mm, preferably no more than 0.1mm.