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Liquid Tire Sealant Blocking Oxygen, Moisture, Smell Into The

Jun 21, 2017

Liquid Tire Sealant is a polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material, supplemented by cross-linking agent, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, catalyst in a vacuum state of the paste from the mixture, at room temperature through the air In the water should be cured to form a flexible silicone rubber.

Silicone Liquid Tire Sealants can be classified into the following categories by use:

1. Automotive Liquid Tire Sealant

Automotive Liquid Tire Sealant is a modern car engine repair in the emergence of new sealing materials, automotive Liquid Tire Sealant a wide range, it can be applied to different parts of the car. For example, it can be a good solution to the car engine leakage, oil spills and leaks and other issues.

2. Building Liquid Tire Sealant

This type of Liquid Tire Sealant is used for building a variety of joints or holes in the seal to prevent the gas, liquid, solid through to prevent the structural material in the structural displacement is destroyed, which play insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, dust , Anti-gas, fire, anti-corrosion, shock absorption and prevent the accumulation of foreign body function.

3. Electrical insulation Liquid Tire Sealant (potting)

In order to ensure the electrical and electrical components of electrical performance and mechanical strength of the stable and reliable, between the conductors, the gap and the need for insulation between the outlet seal. Insulating Liquid Tire Sealant is currently used in epoxy resin, phenolic resin, silicone resin and unsaturated polyester resin is the most commonly used, mainly for winding coils, capacitors, resistors, transformers and semiconductor components.

Building Liquid Tire Sealant

This Liquid Tire Sealant is used for waterproofing works to prevent gas, liquid, solid through, and thus play insulation, noise, water, dust and so on. Door and window Liquid Tire Sealant: mainly used for doors and windows fixed, play wind, wind, dust, shock absorption, reduce the role of noise. Automotive Liquid Tire Sealant: a wide range, can be used for many parts of the car, it can be a good solution to the car's water leakage, oil spills and leaks and other issues. |

Seal tape history

Sealing is also an important part of packaging, sealing is not good will directly affect its effect. Gasket seals, tape seals and colloid seals. They can be achieved to prevent liquid leakage, blocking oxygen, moisture, smell into, anti-counterfeiting, fake and shoddy products. In particular, security seals in recent years is booming packaging sealing technology.

Tape by the Americans and 1928 invention, according to the effect is divided into: die-cutting tape, double-sided tape, insulation tape, pressure-sensitive tape, high temperature tape, special tape. So far people have found thousands of uses for the tape, where we can see the tape.

Waterproof Liquid Tire Sealants are commonly used in industry and in life

Use: 1. Adhesive sealing surface should be dense. Strong. Dry. Clean no water. Oil. Dust and so on.

2. will be cut to meet the requirements of sharp mouth, with a sharp weapon will be out of the plastic mouth of the aluminum film poke open.

3. Load the glue gun and squeeze the glue into the seal.

4. need to scratch the surface should be carried out before the surface can be used bamboo wipe dipped in soap and water. Precautions; avoid prolonged contact with the skin in direct contact, if accidentally splashed into the eyes, please find a doctor for treatment. Do not let children contact with the use and storage process should pay attention to fire.

Use of polysulfide Liquid Tire Sealant Note:

1, can not be used with the silicone Liquid Tire Sealant blending, otherwise it will affect the bonding performance.

2, the construction temperature above 5 ℃, otherwise it will affect its adhesion and curing speed.

3, before the construction sample test.