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Liquid Tire Sealant Maintain The Tire's Initial Performance

Jul 03, 2017

Liquid Tire Sealant 4D innovation nano-technology full name is ADVANCED 4D NANO DESIGN, see the two words to know that this is fine nano technology. Yes, 4D innovation nano-technology is the first to enlarge the internal structure of rubber, through a more clear observation of the structure and movement, to create a realistic rubber internal structure model, and finally through the supercomputer "Beijing" simulation operation.

And what can be used to simulate the model? Is a model that is used to simulate, this model can simulate the rubber within the nano-level movement, and can analyze the rubber inside the polymer, silica, bridging agent, binding agent and other substances bear The pressure situation. By reducing these pressures,Liquid Tire Sealant  it can effectively improve the handling of the tire and the degree of wear, and control the pressure of the technology is called pressure control technology.

In the manufacture of tires, generally in order to enhance the tire grip performance and ride comfort, will add oil and other softeners to enhance the softening of rubber.

However, there is a problem with these softening additives that it does not bind to rubber molecules, that is, these softeners are precipitated over time, with the result that the tires become harder, resulting in a decrease in tire grip and braking performance The

And through the use of biotechnology developed soft components can be tightly combined with the rubber molecules, there will be no precipitation problems,Liquid Tire Sealant  the corresponding tire performance is to maintain long-term rubber softness, to maintain the initial performance of the tire. This technology has been mass production, the future will be more extensive in the Dunlop products to promote.

Sealant tire principle is actually very simple, that is, the tire covered with a layer of glue inside, when the nail piercing into the tread, the tire inside the sealant will be covered in the nail, which will not leak phenomenon, when the nail Pull out,Liquid Tire Sealant  the sealant will automatically fill the full hole, it will not leak phenomenon.

Sealant tire technology is easier to understand than the above two technologies, as a not afraid of nails piercing tires technology, foreign countries, especially Europe will be more common, there is no domestic manufacturers to launch this technology equipped with tires.

China's tire labeling grading system is still in the promotion period, is the Chinese Rubber Industry Association, led by the September 15, 2016 implementation of the system, but this system is not a mandatory requirement, the manufacturers voluntarily apply.

Tire tag marked on the rolling resistance level, wetland performance level, rolling noise decibel value of three parameters, ordinary consumers are easier to understand,Liquid Tire Sealant  rolling resistance and wetland performance level higher also shows that the better the tire performance, the lower the rolling noise dB It means that the tire mute ability is better.