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Metallic Spray Paint Anti-corrosion Protection Effect Is Obvious

Jun 21, 2017

Metallic Spray Paint Corrosion occurs around us refers to the damage of various materials under the action of the environment (chemical, electrochemical and a number of physical factors), degradation of performance or deterioration of the state. And in the metal surface spray paint is a very important means of metal anti-corrosion protection. Good paint coating protective layer to maintain a continuous intact, combined with good, can become a barrier to corrosive media intrusion barrier. But because the corrosion is irreversible spontaneous process, even if the quality of the paint coating to maintain the layer, it is difficult to protect the metal does not occur corrosion,Metallic Spray Paint especially when the metal surface paint coating layer with bad, damaged, or pinhole, bubble , Cracking, shedding and other defects, the protective effect of spray coating will be greatly reduced, and even cause the metal corrosion exacerbated the consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the corrosion factors of metal coating and to take effective countermeasures.

Spray paint metal corrosion mechanism

Generally speaking, metal corrosion is the result of a variety of factors, and some of these factors play an important role in the process of corrosion. Metal surface spray paint to form a protective layer, the metal corrosion area is in the coating film and metal surface of the interface area, and continue to erosion and expansion of the metal matrix depth.

If the metal surface paint coating layer can effectively isolate water, oxygen and electrons, spurious ions and other infiltration, you can greatly slow down or avoid the occurrence of coating metal corrosion, if the isolation effect is poor, the coating to maintain the layer of metal The anti-corrosion protection effect is not good. Production practice shows that the protective coating of water spray coating on the water permeability of a serious impact on the surface coating of metal coating adhesion, and oxygen permeability is a large extent affect the corrosion of metal properties. Spray paint metal corrosion in a variety of forms, but the root cause, the occurrence of corrosion and chemical and electrochemical effects are closely related.

Analysis and Preventive Measures of Metal Corrosion Factors in Metallic Spray Paint

Metal material and other factors

Spray paint metal corrosion and metal corrosion resistance itself has a great relationship. Used to paint the metal coating with steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy or magnesium alloy, no doubt the different metal materials, metal paint coating corrosion resistance is not the same. Metal materials, the difference between the surface state, the paint coating, the coating corrosion protection effect is significantly different. For example, the sandblasted steel sheet parts and natural corrosion of the same grade steel plate parts for similar spray paint protection, due to the adverse effects of corrosion, natural corroded steel parts than sandblasted steel parts of the corrosion rate higher than dozens of Times, the anti-corrosion protection effect was significantly lower than the latter. Defects in the metal surface, such as inclusions, microcracks, stresses, etc., and the adsorption of moisture and reactive ions (Cl-, Br-, etc.) in the atmosphere can affect or even accelerate the corrosion of painted metal.

Metal surface Metallic Spray Paint before the purification of degreasing, activated rust and other pretreatment and surface treatment process can effectively improve the application of paint coating metal corrosion corrosion resistance. Production practice proved that the advantages and disadvantages of spray coating metal corrosion and the quality of its pre-coating quality of the substrate before and after the impact of great quality, metal (especially cast) surface coating before the effective degreasing degreasing, rust or spray Sand shot peening can cause purification of the surface to ensure that the coating film and the base metal good adhesion, to improve the paint coating metal corrosion resistance is very useful.