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Metallic Spray Paint Compressive Strength And Wear Resistance

Jul 12, 2017

Metallic Spray Paint Rapid prototyping is mainly composed of metal spray coating, brush coating and backing material, showing the gradient structure characteristics, in which the brush coating to improve the mold surface hardness (greater than HV500) and wear resistance (increased 3-10 times) , Fiberglass layer and epoxy layer to improve the overall mechanical properties of the mold, high-strength cement backing to reduce the mold manufacturing costs. The technology is suitable for automobile manufacturing and mold manufacturing enterprises, can achieve large-scale stamping die rapid manufacturing, to meet the general requirements of the rapid assembly of automotive parts, manufacturing costs only traditional mechanical processing steel mold 1/10, the manufacturing cycle for the latter 1 / 4-1 / 5, the economic benefits are very impressive, very suitable for the development of new models in the prototype trial production and small batch production.

The technology can also be used for rapid manufacturing of injection molds. In the rapid prototyping of injection molds, metal arc spray molding method to mold as the standard, mold cavity size, geometric accuracy depends entirely on the mold, cavity surface and its fine pattern at the same time the formation of the mold speed,Metallic Spray Paint Short manufacturing cycle, long die life, low cost, only CNC machining steel mold 1 / 3-1 / 5, mold surface finish is clean, simple process, equipment requirements are low, more suitable for injection molding die, die-casting mold, plate Rapid manufacture of material pressure die.

1. Metal arc spray molding method specific process

Metal arc spray molding process is divided into five steps:

(1) model preparation

The model can be made of plastic, gypsum, rubber, wood and other materials. First, the three-dimensional model is established, then it is sliced, and the mold is made by the rapid prototyping mechanism. The most important thing in model preparation is to clean the model surface and apply mold release agent.

(2) metal spraying model

After the release agent drying, select the best spray parameters, you can start spraying metal in the mold, spraying, should ensure that the gun continuous movement, to prevent the coating overheating deformation, coating thickness is generally controlled at 2-3mm.

(3) making mold frame

If the mold is to be subjected to internal pressure during operation or the mold must be installed on the molding machine, the mold must have a skeleton structure and the resulting frame should be filled with packing.

(4) pouring the filling material of the mold

Should fill the material with high thermal conductivity and low solidification shrinkage, and high compressive strength and wear resistance, the general choice of filler material for the epoxy resin and aluminum powder, aluminum particles and other metal powder mixture.

(5) stripping and mold cavity surface polishing

After stripping, the release agent on the surface of the Metallic Spray Paint should be cleaned; and then the mold is polished and other post-production according to different needs.

(6) assembly test mode.

2. Limitations of metal arc spray molding method

For arc spray molding materials, in the case of low melting point, low shrinkage, as far as possible with better mechanical properties and more dense coating organization. At present, the market provides arc spraying wire with aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, babbitt,Metallic Spray Paint composite yarn and many other varieties; but high melting point metals such as steel, nickel, copper Layer shrinkage, thermal stress, porosity are relatively large, easy to crack coating, warping, peeling, so the current only low melting point of zinc, aluminum wire suitable for mold manufacturing.