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Metallic Spray Paint The Overall Process And Quality Requirements Are Basically The Same

Jul 03, 2017

(Cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.), the workpiece surface conditions (corrosion, corrosion, corrosion, etc.), the workpiece surface conditions (corrosion, Anti-rust oil, debris), production batch, quality requirements and other options. Different manufacturers use different processes. Such as passenger car production of the overall process and quality requirements are basically the same, pre-processing process generally have the following two:

1, pre-processing parts

Typical process: pre-degreasing → degreasing → washing I → pickling → washing II → medium and → washing III → → → → → → →

Manufacturers can be based on the actual situation of the factory to make appropriate adjustments:

As a pre-treatment, pickling rust is essential. However, in the pre-treatment process, it is best to separate the corrosion parts and non-corrosion parts, rust pieces for pickling, non-rust pieces are best not to pickling.

2, product pre-treatment

Product pre-treatment is the entire product immersed in the bath for surface treatment, there are many manufacturers have adopted. There are two kinds of manual control and automatic control. More advanced is the use of PLC program automatic control, to achieve automatic transfer between processes. The general process is: degreasing → washing → tune → phosphating → washing.

Spray pretreatment of the common equipment is a spray-type joint cleaning machine, the cleaning principle is by means of jet mechanics and chemical action, to complete the oil, phosphate, passivation, cleaning and other processes.

Water-based metal paint in different metal materials on the construction process are similar, but the spraying process we should pay attention to the following matters

1. Substrate surface pretreatment: degreasing, rust, decontamination and so on.

2. Uniform mixing: no matter which manufacturers, water-based paint is the most important mixing, especially with water to do dilution.

3. Spraying the environment to be clean: because the air dust particles during the construction process to the product surface, it is best to do clean room.

4. Water-based metal paint dilution ratio must refer to the proportion of water-based paint manufacturers, and then according to their own product requirements for fine-tuning.

5. Spray pressure should be appropriate, gun nozzle pressure maintained at 3-4kg / cm2. Fog in the air pressure to 3-4kg / cm. Can also be adjusted according to different brand guns.

6. Metallic Spray Paint baking temperature must refer to the water paint factory baking instructions operation, baking temperature directly affect the performance of the water paint and product appearance. When the temperature is too low to play the best performance, too high may be yellow fragile.

7. The construction requirements to ensure that their spray in the Metallic Spray Paint paint the quality of the proposed, it is best to find some of the best metal paint spray people to spray, not only to ensure that the decorative appearance of its metal paint, more importantly, to ensure its use The stability of the performance, there will be no cracking from the skin and so on.

Metallic Spray Paint spray paint can be wet-wet spray, you can repeatedly paint, so greatly reduce the substrate scrap rate.