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Pneumatic Tire Exports Decline In October For

Nov 04, 2016

According to the latest figures published by the customs, in October, China's new pneumatic tyres, of rubber exported 33.3 million, compared with 11.2% less exports to 6.812 billion yuan, down 15.2%, 1 October, China's new pneumatic tyres, of rubber export 371.88 million, up by 6.4%; totaled 71.853 billion yuan, down 15.3%.

Chinese tire export situation not optimistic on the basis of the worse. Recently, the official website of the Economic Commission for Europe and Asia released on final notice of China's anti-dumping truck tires, decided to truck tires imported from China 14.79%-35.35% anti-dumping tax on products for a period of 5 years.

This is bad news for China's Tire exports, later market facing anti-dumping from several countries, 40% per cent of China's total exports, the tires go from here?