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Radiator And Cooling Systerm Protectant Anti-rust, Antifreeze, Cleaning Function

Oct 24, 2017

With the development of automobile manufacturing technology and production technology, the precision of automobile parts is more and more high, the performance of automobile is more superior, the stability is more and more high, the traditional automobile maintenance can't meet the requirement of the current automobile. Coupled with environmental pollution, bad car habits, congested urban traffic and so on will make the car some stealth failure. These failures can not be effectively solved by routine maintenance. These neglected hidden faults, if not dealt with in time, will affect the service life of the vehicle.

The engine cooling system is the main link of the engine's normal work, but it is easy to be neglected, it is necessary to change the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant periodically, but the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is running in the high-temperature environment for a long time, rust-proof, antifreeze and cleaning function will gradually fail, which causes the cooling system to produce scale and strain. Although the replacement of antifreeze, but also can not completely remove the cooling system deposition, scale, these sediments may cause the engine tank rust damage, serious can cause engine high-temperature pull cylinder. The water tank cleaning agent can effectively clean the internal deposition, scale and strain of the engine cooling system, make the cooling system fresh, restore the cooling system effect, and improve the engine power output.

After a long time of use, the cooling system will produce a large amount of scale, rust and silt in the cooling system, which can reduce the cooling efficiency, and need to be replaced for two years or 40,000 km per drive.

When cleaning the cooling system, if the engine is hot state, do not directly open the radiator lid, in case hot water spurts burns. Waiting for the engine to cool, and then wrapped with a rag to open the radiator lid, if there is residual pressure in the radiator, the opening will hear the exhaust sound, should pay attention to protection. If the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is insufficient, the supplemental antifreeze should keep the liquid surface between the upper and lower scales. Try to avoid the addition of raw. If the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant becomes dirty or full scale, remove all the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant and clean the cooling system

Water Tank Cleaning After the use of water tank protection is better, Romances water tank protection agent contains strong corrosion and corrosion inhibitors, to prevent damage to the water tank sediment production, improve the engine service life.

Now in the automotive engine cooling system, the general addition is antifreeze, although antifreeze has three function, but because of the high cost of anti-rust agent, so anti-rust function is limited. and the replacement period of antifreeze is long, will produce acidic substances, resulting in corrosion phenomenon, reduce cooling system heat efficiency, and even the cooling system leakage, and cooling system is not good, light will lead to poor lubrication, affect the engine life, heavy result in simmer, causing car anchors, cylinder deformation and other major failures.

Therefore, it is very important to replace the antifreeze while adding the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant system Protection agent.

Prevent water tank and cooling system due to the emergence of scale and rust leakage, in the use of cooling system cleaning agent and water tank after the addition of the cooling system protection agent, can prevent the pump appeared squealing and abnormal sound, fully lubricating water pump, prolong the service life of the water tank.

Characteristics and efficacy

prevent corrosion of water tank and prolong life of water tank.