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Radiator And Cooling Systerm Protectant Improve Thermal Efficiency And Insulation Performance

Jul 12, 2017

Small Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant (or heat sink) is made of aluminum alloy sheet by the stamping process and surface treatment, and large-scale Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant extruded from aluminum alloy to form profiles, and then through the mechanical processing and surface treatment made. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different device installations and different power dissipation. Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is generally standard parts, can also provide profiles, is cut by the user to a certain length and made of non-standard radiator. Radiator surface treatment with electrophoretic paint or black oxygen polarization treatment, its purpose is to improve the cooling efficiency and insulation properties.

Any device at work will have a certain loss, most of the loss into heat. Small power device loss is relatively small, no heat sink. And high-power device loss, if not take the cooling measures, the die temperature can reach or exceed the allowable junction temperature, the device will be damaged. So must be added cooling device, the most commonly used is the power device installed in the radiator, the use of heat sink to the heat scattered around the space, if necessary, coupled with the cooling fan to a certain speed to enhance the cooling heat. In some large-scale equipment, power devices also use mobile cold water cooling plate, it has a better cooling effect. Thermal calculation is in a certain working conditions, through the calculation to determine the appropriate cooling measures and radiator. The power device is mounted on the heatsink. Its main heat flow direction is from the die to the bottom of the device, the heat sink to the heat scattered to the surrounding space.

Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant pressure capacity should meet the system work pressure, otherwise there will be too small pressure can not heat or pressure too much damage to the system. In civil construction, it is appropriate to use easy to clean appearance of the plug radiator, we all know, to be practical as a standard. Where there is a need for GMP verification in pharmaceutical plants, it is usually required that there is no excess dust in the air. Therefore, the production plants with higher dust or dust protection requirements should be used for easy cleaning of the radiator. In corrosive gas production plants or relatively large humidity of the room, should adopt corrosion-resistant cast iron plug radiator. The use of column, plate,Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant flat tube and other types of steel radiator and aluminum radiator radiator heating system, must take anti-corrosion measures. In the case of aluminum radiator, it is necessary to select the product with reliable anti-corrosion measures on the inner wall and strictly control the pH value of hot water. In the same hot water heating system, aluminum radiator and steel radiator should not be used at the same time.