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Radiator And Cooling Systerm Protectant Strengthen The Outdoor Pipe Network Insulation And Management

Jun 21, 2017

First, the local Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is not hot

Local Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is not hot reasons generally have the following circumstances: the valve failure, the valve plate off in the valve seat blocked the heat flow channel, then you can open the valve gland to repair, or replace the failure valve. Gas tank too much gas, blocking the pipeline, but also produce local Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is not hot, then open the system should be set up in the air release accessories, such as gas tank on the exhaust valve, the radiator Manual release and so on.The pipeline is blocked, there is such a failure, when the water time is short, you can hand in the pipeline and the valve before touching the temperature, knock to hear the sound; when the water is too long, the system is large, , By hand is not easy to determine the location of the block, then you can use the way to find the water, the water point can not be in the middle of the pipeline to the two ends of the progress.

When the water, such as the water side of the hot water to continue to extend forward, indicating that the plug point after this; and then take the remaining section of the middle section of the water, if found in the water section of hot water does not continue to extend forward, indicating that the plug point in the first point And between the second point of discharge.

When the plugging point is found, the pipe is opened and the dirt in the pipe is removed or replaced by the pipe section. The installation of the pipe system of the heating system is unreasonable, causing the pipe to appear, causing air plugging, clogging or reducing The flow cross-sectional area of the pipe section, causing local heat. At this time should adjust the slope of the pipe to meet the design requirements of the slope and slope.

Indoor system to send, return water pipes and outdoor heating network to send back, water back to each other, or all in the delivery (or back) water pipe, the indoor system can not form a loop. At this time should be carefully looking for, understand the situation outside the network, will be wrong to correct the pipeline over.

Second, heat failure

The use of double tube on the sub-type heating system, the multi-storey building superheater overheating, the lower radiator too cold. There are two possible reasons for this vertical thermal imbalance.

First, through the upper and lower radiator heat medium flow difference is large. The way to eliminate this failure is to close the valve on the upper radiator manifold to reduce its heat flow.

Second, the lower end of the branch pipe is iron oxide, scale and other clogging, increasing the resistance of the circulatory system, undermine the system of the loop pressure loss balance. For this situation in time to remove the dirt in the pipe or replace the trunk, reduce the loss of resistance to restore the system between the ring pressure loss balance.

When the multi-storey building in the use of the system for the system, the lower radiator overheating, the upper radiator is not hot, the reason may be the upper radiator in the air, you should check the radiator on the valve or pipe Exhaust valve, the air exclusion; also may be the system of water, should be replenished.

In the same system there are several parallel loop, sometimes there will be some loops overheating, and some loops are not hot level of the phenomenon of imbalance should be adjusted on the loop of the total control valve, so that the pressure between the loop Loss close to the balance, thus eliminating the ring between the hot and cold uneven phenomenon.

The end of the system Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant is not hot, close to the heat inlet Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant heat, also belong to the level of thermal imbalance. The reason for this phenomenon is caused by the fact that the front valve is open and the pressure of each loop is unbalanced with the pressure consumed by the loop itself. The path of the Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant near the inlet end of the main line is short and the pressure The loss is small, there is a large surplus pressure, the heat flow in the loop will be too large, and thus more than the actual required value.

Remote Radiator and Cooling Systerm Protectant through the heat medium through the long road, the pressure loss, through the remote loop on the heat medium flow will be reduced. You can solve this problem by installing a reasonable balance of equipment or seeking a thermal network control technology service company.

Third, the return water temperature is too high

Hot valve at the entrance of the device back to the water pipe on the circulation valve is not closed or closed lax, this time should check the entrance device, closed the valve. System heat load is small, the circulating water is large, the heat is provided, then the total inlet and return valve should be adjusted to increase the system resistance, thus reducing the circulating flow. Boiler heating capacity is too large, heating system consumption is small, resulting in water supply temperature is too high, then should control the water temperature limit. When the water temperature reaches a certain value, in the boiler room to take appropriate measures, such as with a stop drum, induced draft fan approach.

Fourth, the system back to the water temperature is too low

The reason for the low temperature of the system is as follows: The boiler set by the heat source can not supply enough heat, so that the water supply temperature can not meet the design requirements. At this time should be modified or additional boiler, to improve the water temperature; circulating pump flow is small or low head, the system heat medium circulation slow, and sent back to the water temperature difference, then should use the appropriate circulation pump to replace the original pump.

Outdoor pipe network leakage is serious, the boiler room pressure drop too fast, the boiler supply water is far more than the normal needs, then the outdoor pipe network should be checked to find out the timely repair of the leak.

The external network heat loss is large, sometimes become the main reason for the low backwater temperature, causing the heat loss is too large factor is the external network insulation works of poor quality, local pipe or no insulation, and the choice of insulation material performance is poor; Trench cover between the installation is not tight, the ground water into the trench or trench pipeline leakage so that there are a lot of water within the trench, send, return pipes are soaked in water, so that the trench into a large heat transfer station, then should strengthen the outdoor Pipe network insulation and management work, the timely removal of water within the trench.

The circulating water is too small, at this time should check whether the pump is reversed, pipelines, orifice, valves, etc. are blocked or the valve is not fully open, open the valve, while removing the system of dirt and sediment.