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Tire Care And Wash Usually Work When The Attention Should Also Be

Nov 02, 2017

Midsummer comes, the temperature is increasing. This season is also tough for the car. Because the car itself in the work of the need to disperse a lot of heat, coupled with the outside world of high temperature, will make the car many rubber parts intensified aging, which in particular the tire need special care. Many people used to loophole, cross the road do not go zebra and cross railing, do not line up to buy things but to jump in the queue, the maintenance of the tire, the owner of friends do not go to loopholes, because high-speed puncture is not a joke.

Summer Tire Care and Wash are used to be scientific

1 high temperature Tire Care and Wash of the plastic surface is more prone to aging, serious when there will be puncture. Therefore, for the use of a certain period of time to pay special attention to the tire pressure, high-speed driving after a period of time if the tire wall overheating, air pressure is too high, should immediately stop cooling. But should not use cold water splashing, not to deflate, otherwise it will lead to the tire and tire early damage.

2. Inflatable to pay attention to clean, filled with air can not contain moisture and oil, to prevent damage to the inner tube rubber.

3. Always clean up the Tire Care and Wash in the groove pattern. If you find the nails pierced into the Tire Care and Wash, do not rush to pull out, should immediately sail to the professional tire shop for help.

4. General manufacturers of tire life are in the 80,000 to 100,000 km (or 5 years), for the face of retired Tire Care and Wash there will be some security risks.

5. If the high-speed when there is a puncture do not panic, the first step to make themselves as calm as possible, do not hurry to fight the direction or anxious to brake. Hands tightly hold the steering wheel, avoid hanging empty block car, slow the brakes, so that the speed evenly reduced. In the puncture after the body will be biased, do not compete with the inertia of the car, try to keep the vehicle straight line. In the case of confirmation of security to slow down the speed, stop after the car in the rear of the vertical warning signs, immediately replace the spare tire.

Summer tire care should be careful

1 tire transposition to extend tire life. The front wheel of the car because of the need to play the steering wheel, wear faster than the rear wheel, often the front wheel pattern polished, the rear wheel is also good. In order to extend the service life of the tire, balance the wear and tear of the front and rear wheels, to carry out tire transposition on a regular basis. Experts suggest that the front-wheel drive vehicles should travel around 8,000 km before and after the diagonal, so that the tire wear evenly.

2 positioning, dynamic balance is essential. When the Tire Care and Wash and wheels are replaced or installed, the positioning angle of the tire and the mass distribution of the hub will change. The most direct effect is that the Tire Care and Wash are unevenly weighed, and the Tire Care and Wash of the individual Tire Care and Wash are seriously worn, and it is easy to drive for long periods of time Puncture. To change the irregular wear of the tire, you should regularly carry out four wheel positioning and dynamic balance.

3 Maintain normal tire pressure. The increase in tire pressure is mainly due to intumescent gas expansion, so the summer to the tire filling dry nitrogen is a good choice. Nitrogen is an inert gas, low expansion coefficient, not easy to rise with the ambient temperature rise, can be a long time to maintain normal tire pressure, greatly reduce the chance of puncture. Practice has proved that nitrogen filling 50,000 km still do not need qi, and dry nitrogen does not contain water, will not cause the tire rubber inner wall oxidation.

4 can not ignore the car spare tire. Once the tire fails, the car can carry the spare tire can come in handy. But many owners usually check the tire in place, but ignored the spare tire, to the emergency time only to find spare tire pressure, valve core damage or has been shelf life. Experts advise that the daily tire inspection should also include spare tire.