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Tire Maintenance Solutions

Dec 26, 2016

Tires, not only do tire problems impact a car's ride, handling, and comfort, but they affect the safety of everyone in the car.

There are some important tire care and safety tips to help keep people safe.

Check your tire pressure frequently. All tires will lose air over a period time. Use a tire gauge to measure air pressure. Do this twice monthly, and always before long trips. Correct inflation pressure data is usually found in the user manual. If the car is hot, please park it for a moment before checking. Check it in a cold situation will give the most accurate data.

Sometimes you can feel the car is pulling to one side or shaking while driving. Hitting a pothole, or other objects can throw the front end out of alignment, damaging the tires.Have your tire for alignment from time to time, to ensure better handing and prevent uneven tread wear.

Regular rotation will extend tire life and encourages even, uniform wear. Sometimes your car develops a shimmy, felt like a streering wheel vibration. This may happen when a tire has lost a balance weight. In this case, please re-balancing the tires.

It is important to checking for tire tread depth as well as wear. Hard wear and weak tread reduce the grip ability during a adverse conditions.

Have more tips?  Welcome to share with us!