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Tire Puncture Repairs Safety Is More Important

Oct 10, 2017

1, check whether the foreign body into the Tire Puncture Repairs

The most common damage to the Tire Puncture Repairs is the foreign body. The foreign body that is easy to plunge into the tyre includes nails, screws, wire, glass fragments, stones, tiles, etc. In these foreign bodies, nails and screws are most likely to puncture the Tire Puncture Repairss, causing the Tire Puncture Repairss to leak, but also inserted in the Tire Puncture Repairs breakage, not in time to clean up the words, may aggravate the damaged parts of the Tire Puncture Repairs damage degree.

Check method: The Tire Puncture Repairs is caught in the foreign body, we just observe the Tire Puncture Repairs surface carefully. If the foreign body to the location of the more concealed, we can also sprinkle on the surface of the Tire Puncture Repairs, find a bubble out of the place, and sometimes can even hear the "hissing" of the discouraged, but do not burn in the hot sun, the temperature is very high when watering the HA, so as not only reduce the life of the Tire Puncture Repairss, but also easily cause a blow-out.

If your Tire Puncture Repairss are equipped with "anti-puncture technology" on the tall Tire Puncture Repairss, but also pay attention to the following points:

(1) Check the Tire Puncture Repairss regularly to see if the pattern is stuck in a small foreign body or has been automatically repaired. This is important, the immediate penetration of foreign bodies, with this technology Tire Puncture Repairss on the Tire Puncture Repairs pressure performance is not obvious. Leaving foreign objects in the Tire Puncture Repairss is a great safety hazard.

(2) If the tyre is stuck in the foreign body, it is recommended that the repair shop be made clear and confirm whether the tyre should be replaced.

(3) Repairs the Tire Puncture Repairs, must first dismantle the puncture position the airtight layer, after being removed the corresponding position will not be in the active seal to stab the foreign body.

2, inspect the Tire Puncture Repairs side and the inside and along whether breakage

Tire Puncture Repairs side and inside along is a relatively weak link, some car owners feel bad position, often let the Tire Puncture Repairs side rub the road tooth, over time will wear Tire Puncture Repairs side, the Tire Puncture Repairs along the breakage, is due to the wheel to dismantle the Tire Puncture Repairs operation error caused, this kind of situation basically appears in the replacement of new Tire Puncture Repairss or Tire Puncture Repairs after the installation of the link. Tire Puncture Repairs side and inside along the breakage, will cause the Tire Puncture Repairs to leak, there will be a high risk of blow-out.

Check method: Tire Puncture Repairs side damage degree can be directly observed, serious when there will be cracks and bulging, as long as this situation is found, must be replaced as soon as possible new Tire Puncture Repairss, in order to avoid a blowout accident. This kind of circumstance generally does not suggest to fill a fetus, can change a fetus directly, compare or safety is more important, if the Tire Puncture Repairs is not worth the candle.

3. Check the tyre valve nozzle

The household car is basically equipped with a vacuum tyre, and the valve nozzle is mounted on the hub, and its material is mostly rubber. Rubber material valve mouth in the use of a period of time, in the sun and rain and fetal pressure under the attack, will slowly aging, the texture gradually hardened, the final cracking leak.

Check method: Check the valve nozzle, in addition to see whether there is a crack on the surface, you can also touch the valve rubber with the hand, feel the degree of softness. Since the rubber valve is prone to aging and rupture, the owner may try to replace the metal valve nozzle. Although buy a metal valve mouth money can be bought a few rubber valve mouth, but more durable metal valve mouth will make people more assured and more worry.

4, check whether the wheel flange deformation

After the Tire Puncture Repairs is full of gas, the tyre will be close to the rim flange to prevent the leakage of gas inside the tyre. If the rim of the hub is impacted by a collision, it will affect its tightness with the outer edge of the tyre, causing the tyre to leak.

Check method: If the hub flange serious deformation, we can find with the naked eye, if the hub flange deformation is not obvious, you need to remove the wheel first, and then to the Tire Puncture Repairs and hub of the connection part of watering, the place where the bubble, is the hub deformation caused by the dark leakage of the site.

5, check the hub rupture

This is the last one, because it is relatively rare and highly dangerous. The hub rupture (can be compared with the bone crack), will cause the vacuum Tire Puncture Repairs internal gas leaks from the crack, small cracks will also become a hub fracture of the hidden danger, is generally trachoma or small holes caused by the frustration, if the rupture is quite dangerous.

Check method: If you do not find the first four causes of dark leaks, then we will check the hub. The wheel should be removed before inspection and the surface and inner wall of the hub will be inspected for cracks. If the hub unfortunately cracks, then do not expect to repair, and quickly replace the new wheel to calculate insurance.