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Tire Puncture Repairs To Be Checked Regularly

Nov 02, 2017

Tire is the most direct contact with the ground is the largest wear and tear parts, the general replacement cycle of 30,000 - 400 km, then the choice of Tire Puncture Repairs for the above alphanumeric characters, you know what is the meaning of it?

DOT, this is usually overlooked by everyone, but it is the key to determine the good and bad Tire Puncture Repairs, then it is on behalf of what?

On behalf of the tire production date, we all know that the tire is made of rubber, then it is aging, if the tire in the production of 3 years later, even if not used can not get on the car, you understand, this is why, so In the purchase of Tire Puncture Repairs do not covet the cheap and choose the already aging Tire Puncture Repairs, so not only to your property to bring losses, your life is always dangerous.

General Tire Puncture Repairs market price is very transparent, so the difference is too large must be a problem.

Tire tread there is a safety block, the general tread pattern is higher than the security block 1.6MM need to replace the Tire Puncture Repairs, and see the above Tire Puncture Repairs, patterns and security blocks have been in a plane, so this tire is extremely dangerous.

Another point to note is: the Tire Puncture Repairs are single-oriented, in the replacement of the tire is the need for attention of the technician, the direction of the arrow is the tire forward direction of the wheel, on the anti, not only pattern wear fast, and greatly reduced Service life.

  Why did the road suddenly burst? Tire inflated too much or too little what happens? Tire grinding to what extent need to change? Although most of the owners will regularly maintain the car, but the Tire Puncture Repairs will always be ignored. In fact, the normal tire maintenance and vehicle maintenance in general at the same time. As the feet of the vehicle, the Tire Puncture Repairs are of vital importance for driving safety, so it is particularly important for tire maintenance. Tire Puncture Repairs are relatively large wear on the car thing, through the maintenance of the tire to extend the service life, always pay attention to the use of Tire Puncture Repairs is necessary. That we usually do the maintenance of the tire really right?

First, the pressure of the inspection and maintenance

1, should be regularly on the tire (including spare tire) to check the pressure, if found to be insufficient to check and remove the gas leaks in a timely manner. Air pressure inspection and adjustment should be carried out under cold conditions.

2, tire pressure inspection should not only stay on the Tire Puncture Repairs, but also should include the valve and valve core, to prevent the valve aging or valve core failure caused by leakage.

3, the use of new Tire Puncture Repairs in the early, due to the movement of the tire leaving the tire outer edge size changes, making the tire pressure drop. So should be used after 24 hours to check the tire pressure, found that insufficient pressure should be added in time.

Second, the tire appearance inspection

Should be the appearance of the tire and the situation of the rim to check, such as abnormal tire wear, rubber cracking, drum or rim corrosion, deformation, etc., to tire removal and get a professional tire shop to check, replace , Repair or disposal, to avoid the risk of driving.

Third, the tread foreign body clearance

To always check the tread and groove groove removal of nails, stones and other hard impurities, so as not to continue to use damage to the carcass.

Fourth, the tire storage

Tire storage and handling process should be avoided with oil and other chemicals contact, vehicle parking should avoid direct sunlight, there is water or oil to prevent the tire rubber to accelerate aging.