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Tyre Protector Using Methods And Processes

Nov 04, 2016

A first step

After a long period of bad weather and poor conditions, tire surface and crevice corrosion of residue likely to be tire material, to clean and wash the car together with the only tyre protector can be used.

The second step

Due to the tyre protector is made from foamed liquid and wraps from the pressure tank to save, and finally sold to the market. So our tires when the cleaning is complete, turn it by hand shake, in order not to let the tire Protectant cream of sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

The third step

Tire sidewall is the most vulnerable part of the tire, if you squeeze or scratch is likely to crack or even rupture. In the summer, the tire side wall is part of the most most directly exposed to sunlight, so we shake them in uniform spraying of the tire side wall.

The fourth step

If some of my friends will be spraying wheels, waiting for tire Protectant spray foam dissolves in tire and wheel, and then wipe the wheel, if only the tire side wall spraying evenly, you can ignore the liquid because it breaks the dirt left on the tires off, use protective agent in the water the dirt out.