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Q: How do I clean my tires after use tire sealant?

A: Careway Tire Sealant is made from water based and environment-friendly materials, it's easy to clean up with water.

Q: How long does Careway Sealant works?

A: It depends on the locate conditions, if in a hot weather place( average over 35 degrees yearly), works for around 8 months; On the contrary, around 12 months.

Q: Does Careway Tire Sealant harm to the tires?

A: Careway Tire Sealant use friendly materials, anti rust, it's harmless to tires and wheels.

Q. Can Careway Puncture Sealant be installed into any tyres?

A: Yes, our tire sealant can be applied to any Pneumatic tyres, both tube and tubeless tires. But it has a better performance in the tubeless tires.

Q: How to install Careway tire sealant into the tires?

A: 1. Remove the valve core, deflate the tire.

2. Shake the tire seealnt thoroughly before use.

3. Attached the provided tube to both the bottle and valve stem. Squeeze in the recommended amount of sealant.

4. Screw valve core back to the valve stem. Inflate the tire to recommended air pressure of the tire manufacturer. 

Q: How much valume do I need to use for one tire?

A: It deponds on the size of tire that you are going to install. Please see the below details.

1. For different standard car tires, sizes from 13''-15'', you need to put 500-800ml eah tire.

2. 3L-4L for one single big size truck tire.

3. 500ml for a single motorcycle tire.

4. 350ml for one bicycle tire.

Q: How does Careway liquid tire sealant works? 

A: If  Careway Liquid Tire Sealant was installed into tire for prevention, once tire punctured, under the effect of gravity and inside air pressure, the liquid solution will flow to the holes and repaired instantly.

Q: How big punctures can Careway tire sealant seals? 

A: Max 1.5mm for inner tube tires. Max 6 mm for tubeless tires.

Q: What's the freezing point of Careway tire sealant? 

A: To meet different regions customers' requirement, we provide 2 formulas for freezing point. The standard formula for Africa and Middle-East market has the freezing point at -1 degrees, while the other formula freezing at -30 degrees for cold regions in winner.

Q: Does Careway tire sealant affect the vibration of a running vehicle?

A: As your tires have liquid product inside, it will affect the vibration of a running car. This is a commom problem for tire sealant. However, we could avoid this happen by reducing the speed.

Q: Do I need to have my tire repaired after using Careway aerosol tire inflator?

A: Careway aerosol tire inflator provides a temporary emergency repair on your way, you are recommended to have your tire repaired asap by a tire professionalist.

Q: Flammable or not for Careway aerosol tire inflator?

A: We provide 2 different formulas for customers' multiple choice: flammable and non-flammable. Meanwhile, cost different accordingly.